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May 11, 1941 - March 20, 2018


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"Well, he can make somebody's will so airtight can't anybody meddle with it."


- Miss Maudie, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee


In high school, we were required to read Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird. The Lawyer in the story was Atticus Finch. He was a small town lawyer and father who was greatly respected and loved by his community, but in the face of adversity, he stood for doing the right thing, even if it meant he could lose his life. He stood up for a falsely accused man of color who was facing a mob of racists who wanted to lynch him. He was helpless and in great need. Atticus stepped up, protected him and proved him innocent in court. Like Atticus, I renounce all forms of racism. Let a man be judged by his character and his deeds, not the color of his skin. This book helped to inspire me to become a lawyer and to use my skills to protect others who need my help.

I am an Elder Law Attorney. I create Revocable Living Trust estate plans that help families prepare for issues surrounding disability and death. The goal of my law firm is to help families save time and money and avoid costly court procedures while providing a private, protected  and maximized inheritance to their loved ones in a convenient and painless manner.


I graduated Woodlake High School in 1987, then attended College of the Sequoias and Grossmont College in San Diego. After a few years of working and going to community college, I transferred into Point Loma Nazarene College, graduating with a Business Administration degree in 1994. I then moved back to the Central Valley to work in my father's law firm. I then went to the San Joaquin College of Law in Clovis, California. I passed the Bar in 2004. My entire career has been with my father's firm. I had the opportunity to work with him for 23 years until his passing in 2018. He is sorely missed.

My father, the founder of the Firm, John L. Miller, Esq., began his law practice in 1965 in Menlo Park, California, after graduating from Stanford Law School and serving three years in the United States Coast Guard. In 1980, he moved our family to Woodlake, California, a small town. He used to say that he moved from the Bay Area because he was tired of the crime, the drugs, the smog, and the traffic. 


In 1990, my father devoted the law practice to estate planning and preparing Revocable Living Trusts for his clients. He was unhappy with the probate system because the only people it helped were the lawyers who were hired to perform the probate. He was glad to incorporate the Revocable Trust as the foundation of estate planning because the benefits so greatly outweighed the costs of probate.

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