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If you are still concerned with catching Corona Virus, let me know. We can arrange to keep our distance in a clean and save manner, like the family above.

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People who love their children create estate plans. They fear failing their kids more than they fear death. 

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Act now to ensure your stuff gets to who you want, when you want in the least expensive and most efficient way possible!

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Be Wise about Corona Virus by Planning Ahead!

This virus does not care about your political beliefs. It will infect anyone and everyone that it comes into contact with. 


I believe the people who catch the virus and survive will suffer long term tissue damage to their lungs. The demand for Long term care in skilled nursing facilities will increase. High demand and low supply of beds will potentially cause the cost of long term care to increase. The average private pay rate for a skilled nursing facility in California is already $9,337.00 per month. Planning ahead for this is critical if you want to make sure your assets make it to your children.

The Corona virus death toll will be large. It is putting a huge strain our medical system.

The Probate Court is going to be flooded with the cases of people who did not plan ahead. Before the virus, it takes six weeks to get a case on calendar. I anticipate the aftermath of this virus will initially cause a spike in the time it takes to get your case before a judge, at least until the court is able to make changes that address the issue.

If you die without a will, your estate plan is written by the politicians in Sacramento. Your estate will go to the Probate Court and you have zero say in what happens to your stuff. 

I will be happy to help you avoid all of these Estate Planning and Elder Law problems.


     Your estate plan will affect your spouse, your kids and your assets. Getting your estate plan in place or updated is absolutely essential if you want to avoid unnecessary loss and headaches for your loved ones and avoid expensive, cumbersome court procedures. The court procedures that are already a major problem are likely to get worse because of this virus. 

     As I am sure you are aware, the Coronavirus is dangerous. There is a high risk of disability for those who survive. Death is a very real possibility if you are infected and fall into a "High Risk" category. Our bodies do not have immunity to this virus. Our court system is already overburdened even before the virus hit. Don't be afraid to protect yourself and your interests. We are all going to die of something and we don't know when. Make sure your estate plan will accomplish what you want before you go.

     In general, STAY HOME EXCEPT FOR ESSENTIAL SERVICES, like fixing your estate plan. Until it is safer, stay away from the general public as much as possible. You staying healthy is very important. It will help prevent the virus spreading, it will help protect and lessen the burden on doctors and medical staff and the risk that they will become infected. They have enough cases to deal with. Overwhelming them will cause more deaths. 


     Although not as important as staying healthy, your estate plan is very important. Those who plan ahead will avoid the expensive and difficult pitfalls that devastate people who did not plan. I have made changes to my office in order to accommodate those who are smart enough to get help with their plan.

     I am ready and able to safely help you put your wishes in writing. It is very important to me that you are safe from Covid-19 when signing your legal documents.  Here is what I have done to combat the fear of infection and to comply with the Governor's Executive Order N-33-20:


     VIRTUAL MEETINGS: I have made Virtual Meetings or Phone Meetings available so client's do not have to come to my office in person in order to hire me to help with their estate planning issues.​​​

     NO PHYSICAL CONTACT AND SAFELY MAINTAINED DOCUMENT SIGNING ROOM: I have converted my lobby into a client only signing room, with a window separating myself from contact with the client. Before a client enters, the room is disinfected with Lysol and wiped clean. The documents to sign will be laid out on the table with clean pens. I will go over the documents with you from behind the window. We can communicate with each other through my phone system which has a speaker.  

     NO EMPLOYEES / LESS EXPOSURE RISK: I do not have employees who work with me so there is less risk of Corona virus exposure. The only people who come into my office are my family, my wife, who is a Notary Public, and my two boys, who I homeschool. We have been extremely limited to outside exposure as we don't go anywhere except home or my office. We stocked up on necessities many weeks ago and rarely go to the store unless absolutely necessary.


     If you take care of this issue, you will not regret it, whether something bad happens or not. You will be confident that your wishes are in writing, your family is protected, and your estate will go to who you want, when you want, in an efficient and less expensive manner that if you failed to plan. I look forward to meeting you.

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