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Schedule an "Online Virtual Meeting"
Meet Attorney Miller face to face with your Personal Computer, Iphone, Ipad or similar "smart" device. No need to come into the office. Reduce risk of infection.
Stay Home but get your questions answered and get your Estate Plan in order. When it comes to sign documents, extreme precautions will be taken regarding cleanliness and "social distancing". 
The online meeting fee will be deducted from the fees for your New Estate Plan or Update to your old Estate Plan if you decide to hire me to help you.

Steps After Virtual Meeting With Attorney

  1. You will receive a Legal Services Agreement either by email or regular mail.                                                                 

  2. If we need another Virtual meeting for design details, we will schedule that at no extra charge.                                             

  3. I will prepare your documents in accordance with your instructions.               

  4. We will schedule a signing meeting where we will go over the documents, at my office, in my "clean room." I have converted my lobby into a clean room for signings. A solid window will keep you separate from the Notary, who will witness your signatures through the window. When you provide your ID, we will disinfect it when we receive it and before we give it back.                                                           

  5. Once your documents are signed, I will process them into my system and then place them into a binder for you to pick up when finished.                                                                                                                                   

  6. I will add you to my "Life Plan Membership" list so you can contact me at no charge for one year following the signing date to make changes to your plan at no additional cost. After one year, the optional membership program costs $395 for single persons or $495 for married couples. The only additional costs will be for paying the Notary Public fees or Recorder fees if you need to use your membership and make plan changes.

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