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Estate Planning Solutions for your Family

  • Revocable Living Trust

  • Financial Powers of Attorney

  • Advance Health Care Directive (aka Health Care Powers of Attorney)

  • Medi-Cal Pre-Plan

  • Eliminate problems with financial institutions that arise when you become disabled or die 

Top Threats to your Family if you Become Disabled:      

  • Costs of Long Term Care

  • Issues Surrounding Conservatorship Court

  • Fraud and Undue Influence

  • Burdens on Children

  • Unnecessary Financial Loss


Danger Zone!!!

CA Nursing Home Monthly Cost: $10,298.00

Nursing Home Annual Cost: $123,576.00

Failure to plan will be very expensive. Make an appointment today and learn how to Pre-plan for the high cost of the nursing Home.

Use my Calculator on the left to discover whether you need a Medi-Cal Preplan.

How the Intelligent and Wise Plan Their Estate:

  • They visit an Experienced Estate Planning Attorney with a practice focused on Estate Planning.

  • They get educated regarding estate planning options

  • They learn the threats to their spouse, children and their hard earned assets

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