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Greetings and salutations,

  I, Russell C. Miller, personally welcome you to my website. Like a lighthouse, I will be your warning light in the stormy seas of life. Let me warn you now, the dangers that you and your family face are expensive, time consuming and often times arise unexpectedly. In my opinion, every family needs an experienced family lawyer that can draft your estate planning documents, answer your questions and help you navigate safely through difficult times when they arise. 


#1 Estate Planning Danger

  • Procrastination: Most people struggle with getting their estate planning done. The reason why is they naturally believe that nothing bad will happen to them. People get focused on the day to day aspects of life -  going to work, paying the bills, feeding the family, paying for kids college, planning for a vacation, etc.... It is easy to miss the importance of planning for future negative issues like becoming disabled and needing Long Term Care or your sudden loss of life or that of your family member. This lack of education and preparation can result in mental, emotional and financial distress.


#1 Estate Planning Need

  • Personal Family Lawyer: I, as your personal family lawyer, will focus specifically on educating you regarding the benefits of planning ahead, the dangers of failing to plan and I will help you draft a complete, customized and "air tight" estate plan that puts your wishes in writing. My plans minimize expenses, taxes, time delays and prepare you for the unexpected.

#1 Estate Planning Foundation

  • Revocable Living Trust: Most of my client's need a Revocable Living Trust estate plan. The Revocable Living Trust the single most effective way to solve problems that arise due to disability and death. I have over 29 years of experience drafting Revocable Living Trust estate plans. The trusts I have drafted remain unchallenged and are 100% successful in achieving my client's goals. If you hire me to draft your plan, I will protect your home from the Medi-Cal lien and make sure your home gets to your children. Probate court will be avoided, Taxes will be minimised, and your last wishes will be memorialized in writing.

Revocable Living Trust Updates

  • Trust Maintenance and Administration: If you already have a trust, I can prepare an update to your plan. If you have a trust and have suffered the death of a spouse, I can help you fix all the issues by helping you "administer" your trust. I also do simple Probate Court work if your spouse or parent died without a trust.


Contact Me Now for a Free Consultation!

I offer you a free consultation in my office to allow us to get to know each other. You must understand that hiring a personal family lawyer is more than hiring someone to do paperwork. When I prepare an estate plan for you, it is just the beginning of our relationship. During your life, as issues arise, such as children being born, marriages, asset purchases, business issues, disabilities and deaths, I will help you keep your estate plan up to date and be available to get you answers as needed. Once you meet me, I have no doubt you will experience first hand my kindness, honesty and approachable demeanor. Contact me now at (559) 625-4205 for your Free Consultation.

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